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Here, we will offer many messages, to encourage you and to build you up on your most holy faith.
We endeavor to help keep you razor sharp so you will excel in every area of your Christian life.

"Mother's Day".
1.) A Special Word, Prepared for the Ladies
in our lives... Directed to the Men.
I have been doing a series for some time now, speaking about the Blood of Jesus Christ . The most precious commodity in existence. And all that it brings to us, as believers. These messages can be given many names... "Who we are in Christ," "New Covenant Realities; The Old plus abundantly above what you can ask or think more," "Our benefit package." We're studying All that Jesus has given to us by His death, burial and resurrection. So that we might be the people that God has called us to be, for such a time as this... Be challenged, be blessed and be a blessing.

love in Jesus, Pastor Nik